Move over Tide Pods; you're so yesterday Birdbox, now we can worry about the 'Shell On Challenge' where kids eat food packaging and film it on Snapchat.

Here we go with another stupid internet challenge where kids (and adults) are eating food still in its wrapper like an unpeeled banana, literally a bag of chips, and they're even eating eggs in the shell.

As you can imagine, physicians are not amused, although some say this is less risky than other challenges they've seen. Dr. Hansa Bhargava, a pediatrician and senior medical director for WebMD, tells Pop Sugar that she doesn't see the humor in the challenge...eating nonfood items certainly comes with risks.

...salmonella contamination of eggs could pose a hazard...there may be pesticide residue that could be ingested...Obviously, ingesting plastic wrappers is the bigger concern because "wrappings may contain substances that could be carcinogenic...[Pop Sugar]

The challenge is to eat various foods in their shells (food packaging) like a candy bar in its plastic wrapper, even cardboard product packaging. Parents should talk with their kids about the new challenge. Really, of all ways to get a laugh.

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