As we commemorate Earth Day, why not share three tales of rescue and release of some New York's beautiful wildlife.

DEC officers made 2 rescues on the same weekend. Jeff Krueger responded to a call of a great horned owl in a chicken coop in the town of Newfield. Krueger found the owl with a broken wing still in the coop where it had killed a domestic duck.  Veterinarians think the bird had suffered the injury earlier and was using the coop for easy hunting.  Meanwhile, Officers Matt Foster and Greg Maneeley had a little tougher chore rescuing a bald eagle on the Oswego River. The eagle had been seen sitting on low branches of a tree for three days without moving. With the help of the Oswego City Fire Department, they capture the eagle using a boat and approaching it from the tree.  Both birds were taken to a rehabilitator.

Owl and Eagle Rescue

New York State Trooper Kim Colton of the Junius Ponds Post had a perilous rescue as well. She saved a red tail hawk after it was struck by a vehicle. All while dealing with traffic on the New York State Thruway.

Trooper Saves Raptor 1
NY State Police

Lt. David McShane and ECO Don Damrath had the enviable task of releasing three raptors back into the wild. Three young red-tailed hawks were reintroduced after rehabilitation from injuries and disease.

Raptor Release

It's good to see the story come full circle, from rescue to rehabilitation, to freedom.