Ella Ryan may only be 4 years old and stand about 3 feet tall, but her little body contains an enormous amount of strength.

That's the message the New Hartford Police Department shared earlier this week after they led a community parade for Ella. The New Hartford 4-year-old has been valiantly fighting cancer, and on Wednesday, she finished her last chemotherapy treatment and got to "Ring the Bell!"

After a parade led Ella and her bright yellow tutu and bow back home, New Hartford officers surprised her with a gift: her very own pink toy carriage and pony, fit for a princess. Sweet ride, right?!

New Hartford Police Department
New Hartford Police Department

"It was our honor and privilege to lead her parade and visit her upon returning home so we could give her a little gift," the New Hartford Police Department wrote in a Facebook post. "Ella, we wish you a healthy, happy future and thank you for showing us what 'real strength' is."

How sweet! We send our best for Ella and her family. She certainly is an inspiring girl and a great example of true strength here in Central New York.

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