A little boy got a big surprise this week after returning home from a stay at the hospital.

5-year-old Kaiden Uribe was recently diagnosed with leukemia and spent several days at Golisano Children's Hospital under the care of expert nurses and doctors. After what must have been an awful week for Kaiden and his family, officers at the Camillus Police Department decided to come together for a big homecoming surprise for their local superhero.

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Office shared a video of the big surprise Thursday afternoon, when police officers in patrol cars pulled up to the Uribe house, sirens blaring. The officers didn't arrive empty-handed, either. They came bearing Christmas gifts and plenty of holiday cheer for Kaiden.

A GoFundMe in Kaiden's name has already started making its rounds on the internet, raising over $7,000 in seven days to help the Uribe family with childcare for Kaiden's sister Myla and "small indulgences that will strengthen Kaiden’s determination when the campaign gets tough."

This local 5-year-old also has his very own crew of supporters, which is fittingly named to honor those who are in Kaiden's Corner.

You can read more about the Uribe's journey so far and donate to their ongoing fight against childhood cancer on the GoFundMe page.

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