A New Hartford mom is really going the extra mile to make quarantine with her family fun. She's been treating them to themed-dinners - and the whole family gets involved.

Amanda Vanderlan and her family have been hosting themed dinners with stuck at home during the quarantine - and they are amazing, with the food, the table, the decor, and even her family getting in on the act.

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"It all started because we were having tacos for dinner one night. I thought it would be something different to set up a table in the living room, to feel like we were going someplace, then I remembered my margarita glasses and sombreros"

Credit: Amanda Vanderlan
Credit: Amanda Vanderlan

Amanda says it was just coincidence that the trend continued. "The sombreros were packed away with the grass skirts...so I thought why not do a Hawaiian one." (You can already tell Amanda is a fun mom, she's got sombreros and grass skirts.)

Hawaiian Themed

After that, Amanda realized she has raised the expectations of her kids, Luke and Anna. Even her husband, Brett, was having fun. More dinners followed: a 50's diner, a Harry Potter night where everyone made costumes, a formal dinner, and, most recently, a trip to the ball park.

The ball park took them straight to Fenway Park (sorry, Yankees fans):

Fenway Themed Dinner

The trip to Hogwarts with Harry Potter was magical:

Harry Potter Night

The 50's dinner was perfect, the featured daughter Anna as the waitress:

Diner Night

The elegant Formal Dinner included a violin serenade, and son Luke dressed up to the nines.

Elegant Dinner

There was even a hoedown, with everyone wearing masks - but just for fun.

Western Hoedown

We don't know about you, but we're feeling inspired - maybe we'll start with something east, like pizzeria night.


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