A mystery man made a mom's day while she was shopping at the Bargain Grocer in Utica in a very generous way.

Here's a story to restore your faith in the goodness of people.

Tracy Wilkinson, who lives in Utica, was shopping at the Bargain Grocer on Lincoln Avenue. Shoppers can really stretch their grocery dollar there, finding great deals on an ever-changing variety of food.

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Tracy says while she was shopping, she was approached by a "mystery man." She says the man "proceeded to hand me a pre-paid store card for $50. All he said was, "Excuse me, here...take this.""

Tracy says when she looked up, the man was gone. Tracy said she noticed the man had several cards in his hand, so perhaps others were fortunate enough to have a similar experience.

Tracy posted her experience on Facebook, saying "Sometimes out of the blue kindness and positivity seeps in and reassures you that there are still beautiful, generous humans walking on this earth amongst us."

Tracy says she wants to thank the Bargain Grocer mystery man, and so do we, for reminding us about the goodness in people.


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