Did you know downtown Albany now has a spot where you can try your hands at knife, archery and ax throwing? It’s called Far Shot Located at 69 N Pearl St. in Downtown Albany. Food and soda are available for purchase, and as of right now there is no alcohol being served but it’s coming soon.

So gather your Group, choose your Activity, pick a date and time, pay your deposit, and show up to the Party! The host of your party will train you and your group on how to throw that ax, knife and shoot that arrow, whichever activity you chose. Then you get to play in a tournament. Sounds cool right?

I’m glad they are bringing more physical activities to the area for people to participate in. Pricing is very reasonable and you can even book a private party. I can see this being popular with the ladies. A lot of ya’ll got some stress to let go of, well sis take it out downtown and throw an ax.

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