One of the best ways to learn and appreciate things is by visiting a museum and luckily for New Yorkers, our state is home to five of the most loved museums in the entire United States.

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This last summer, my family visited as many museums as possible, from big to little ones, soaking in all of the wonder and knowledge that appears to be what many Americans have been doing with our free time.

After spending an excessive amount of time cooped up as many of our favorite leisurely spots were closed because of pandemic restrictions, we have been bursting with happiness about being able to get out and do things again as is evident by the fact that online searches for nearby museums have soared.

To find out which museums in America are the most loved, SINGULART looked at data pulled by searches for “museum art near me” and then after compiling a list of museums and galleries in the United States, it determined the most popular hashtag for each location, found out which ones were most popular on Instagram and TikTok, and then reached its determination of which museums are the most loved.

While New York isn’t home to the largest number of most loved museums (that title goes to California), we are home to five of the most loved museums in the country and we think that’s pretty impressive.

So, where are these most loved museums? According to SINGULART, the museums are the Museum of Ice Cream, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Guggenheim, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Look Inside Ithaca's Fascinating Museum of the Earth

Located in Ithaca, the Museum of the Earth is a hands-on museum that's part of the Paleontological Research Institution which is an independent organization that pursues research and education related to the history of the Earth and its life. Take a look around!

Reflect on the Story of America at Corning’s Rockwell Museum

Located in a beautifully restored 19th- century historic old City Hall, The Rockwell Museum in Corning, New York is a place to connect and reflect on the story of America through the work of artists who beautifully bring together America's history, culture, and spirit through their outstanding work.

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