Need your dose of cute for the day? Some animals from the Utica Zoo recently got to experience the exhibits in a local museum and the videos are cute as heck!

Poe, a Sumatran Chicken, and Leo, a Leopard Tortoise took a trip to the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Institute in Utica last week and had a great time exploring together and seeing all of the beautiful art.

The Utica Zoo posted a video of the pair's adventure on their Facebook page, where Anna D'Ambrosio, the President and CEO of the institute explained the chat she had with Poe and Leo before they took off around the museum.

"I met with Poe and Leo and we went over museum protocol," D'Ambrosio said. "No touching the art, and in this case, no pecking at the art, no biting the guards. They were most agreeable; we're going to have a great time today."

And that they did! The two got to experience a bunch of beautiful art pieces and get a change of scenery after months without visitors because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Andria Heath is the Executive Director of the Utica Zoo and also spoke in the video about the animals' adventure.

"We're always happy to give our animals, Poe and Leo included, a great treat," Heath said in the video.

The Utica Zoo has been closed to visitors since March, but expects to reopen later this week as the Mohawk Valley enters Phase Four of Governor Cuomo's phase reopening plan. The zoo will reopen to members for its first two days, June 26 and 27, and will be open to the public on June 28.

Heath said there will be restrictions when the zoo opens, including a limit of 33% capacity, no more than 500 visitors each day, and more. Read more here.

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