Now you can be the Mayor McCheese of your very own backyard!

A seller in Johnstown, New York has listed some incredible pieces of McDonald's nostalgia on Facebook Marketplace... original pieces from the McDonald's Playland!


Do you remember how incredible it was to visit McDonald's in the '80s? You weren't just going for a cheap meal, you were going for an evening of entertainment. It wasn't just fast food, it was an event! A kid could shovel down 1,500 calories' worth of sodium and saturated fat and then go work it off on a variety of equipment that's probably completely unsafe by 2022's standards!

Being a kid was so much better back then.

The big ticket item in this seller's collection is arguably the Officer Big Mac Jail Cell. He has two of these (!) but one is in better condition than the other, and the asking price is $2,900. Remember jumping up there with some stranger kid who smelled vaguely of poop, and you were best friends for approximately 12 minutes? Great times, great times.

Another highlight here is the Grimace teeter totter for $1,000. It needs a paint job, but if you're willing to undertake that-- ohhhh baby, you're talking MINUTES of excitement! What species was Grimace supposed to be, anyway? He sort of didn't fit with the rest of the characters. Looked more like the Philly Phanatic's distant cousin than a fast food mascot.

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There are also various vintage seating fixtures available. If you want to take the entire lot, it can be yours for $5,600. To see the individual prices on each piece of equipment, check out the original listing here. 

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