Have you seen the new Delorean design? We will save you the trouble, it looks like pure garbage. You probably won't see it in Upstate New York any time soon.


Brief History Of The Delorean

In 1985, the movie Back To The Future made a DMC DeLorean a household name. How? It turned the already futuristic looking car into a time machine.

Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and noted for its gull-wing doors and brushed stainless-steel outer body panels, the sports car was also noted for a lack of power and performance incongruous with its looks and price."

The DeLorean Motor Company produced this classic ride. The company was formed by automobile industry executive John DeLorean in 1975. It is remembered for the one model it produced, and how the founded was videotaped in a sting operation agreeing to bankroll drug trafficking. The company went under, and the car lived on in pop culture.

DeLorean Is Back With An Electric Car And New Design

DeLorean Motor Company/Screenshot
DeLorean Motor Company/Screenshot

The DeLorean Motor Company revealed new images and details about the car, the Alpha5. This car is set to premiere at the prestigious California car show Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in mid-August, with limited production set to begin in 2024.

"The Alpha5 is a representation of the past 40 years of DeLorean," Chief Marketing Officer Troy Beetz said in a statement. "There was this enormous responsibility to make sure we honored the history of the DeLorean brand, but an even greater responsibility in curating its future ... I think we did both with the Alpha5.""

The vehicle is electric, which is super cool in a world of high gas prices.

Why Is This Author Angry About The Car?

According to NPR, the new Delorean bears "some resemblance" to its predecessor, with gull-wing doors and a louvered rear window. THAT's IT. The doors swing up.....

All we wanted was a newer Delorean with the same body. We wanted the same body on the outside, and a "pimp my ride" inside.....which they accomplished by the way with four seats and a pair of big screens, one in front of the steering wheel and one attached to the center console.

People who love the Delorean because of Back To The Future want one because it looks cool, and from the movie. If I'm going through my midlife crisis, I don't want a sports car.....I want the car from my childhood that screams "This man is going through a midlife crisis with good taste in movies."

This car is not a Delorean in my opinion. Big deal, the doors swing up......This car will be able to accelerate from zero to 60 in less than three seconds, and reach 88 miles per hour in 4.35 seconds......but it's not a Delorean.

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