Do you think some towns in New York would be named the same if our ancestors knew how immature we'd be in the future? You'd be hard-pressed to see a sign for the following towns and not giggle. (Huhhuh, "hard-pressed.")


  • COUNTY: Westchester
  • POPULATION: 44,436

Mount Pleasant is fairly innocent, except it's not, especially when you think of pro wrestler Ric Flair and how he would refer to his Johnson as "Space Mountain." It's the image of him saying that that makes me think of "Mount Pleasant" kind of like a female version. "It's easy coming to Mount Pleasant, and the climax is one of the best around! WOOOOO!" or something like that.


  • COUNTY: Suffolk
  • POPULATION: 335,543

An "Islip" sounds like the undergarment women wear under a sexy dress. I think you can buy "Islips" at Fredericks of Hollywood.


  • COUNTY: Steuben
  • POPULATION: 1,095

Rathbone sounds like the last name of a would-be pornographic male performer. Which brings me to #5...


  • POPULATION: 1,176

If the main actors in the film you're renting have the last names "Rodman" and "Rathbone," you might be in the wrong section of the video store. (But also kudos to you for finding a video store.)


  • COUNTY: Chemung
  • POPULATION: 7,822

If you and your buddies are at a strip club and the emcee says "Next, please welcome to the stage... BIG FLATS!" you might want to make your way to the exit.

#3: DIX

  • COUNTY: Schuyler
  • POPULATION: 3,723

In case you're having a hard time cracking this one, "dicks" is slang for "penises."


  • POPULATION: 1,786

According to legend, U.S. President Calvin Coolidge liked to have Vaseline slathered all over his bald head. But it could be worse... he could've liked-- yeah, you get it. Let's move on.


  • POPULATION: 8,382

Fun fact: the town name of Coxsackie was chosen by a committee of 5th grade boys. Other finalists included "Taintberg" and "Ballbagville."

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