A local police K9 is getting his time in the spotlight after his handler wrote a book all about him.

Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy Jeffery Froelich was bored one day last March, and decided to turn that boredom into a project that would honor his K9 partner. Deputy Froelich got to work, writing his first children's book called "I Am Abel," a tale about the life of a service dog, all the way from puppyhood to adulthood as a Sheriff Deputy K9.

Froelich told WWNY that while the dog is from Abel's perspective, it contains storylines kids can relate to as Abel learns the value of hard work and partnership.

"They have to go to school; He had to go to school," Froelich told WWNY. They have to do homework; He has to do homework. They have to practice their things and he has to practice his things too, so the kids can really relate to it."

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"I Am Abel" is now available on Amazon in hardcover for $23 and it has already received a positive review.

"My 8 year old loved reading this book!" Amazon user Ashely Morrow wrote. "He showed me all the pictures and talked my ear off about it."

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office shared that all proceeds from the book will go to Protecting K9 Heroes, a non-profit organization that provides protective vests and first-aid kits to police service dogs and their handlers across the United States.

Deputy Froelich became a K9 handler with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office after spending over 20 years in the U.S. Army and three years in road patrol. Abel is his second K9 police dog, and the pair have been together since 2017.

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