Area 51 isn't just in Nevada. There's another one in Upstate New York where people have claimed to travel through a 'time vortex.'

If you walk through Thompson Park in Watertown, you'll see a zoo, tennis courts, hiking trails, and a 'vortex' where you may lose track of time, become disoriented or confused and find yourself in a different location inside the park.

If that's not creepy enough, the codename for Nevada's infamous Area 51 is 'Watertown Strip,' according to declassified information. Turns out, the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, was actually a Watertown native.

City officials have even acknowledged the strange stories about Thompson Park, putting up a warning sign to help visitors remain cautious while in the vicinity of the "supernatural vortex."

The vortex isn't just in one spot either. The location seems to move throughout the park, according to Haunted History Trail.

A group of paranormal chasers were asked to investigate the 'time vortex' and found very unusual energy patterns throughout the park in 2007. They believe the high electromagnetic fields (EMF) are what causes confusion and hallucinations, leading people to believe they traveled to the past.

If you want to see and experience Area 51 for yourself, head to Thompson Park on Gotham Street in Watertown, New York.

Credit - Google Maps
Credit - Google Maps

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