You and your kids will have more options for books in the City of Rome New York. Circle Time Books and More is now open for business.

They are located at 401 North James street in Rome. According to their website, their hours of operation currently are Tuesday through Friday 2PM - 6PM, Saturday 10AM - 2PM, and they are closed on Sunday and Monday.

According to WKTV, owner Teri Smith has many years of experience working with children in daycare and geared her book selections to kids 12 and under:

“I'm just trying to get books into their hands. We have other items that they can use like we have different toys or different stuffed animals that go with the book so that they can relate something tangible in their hands while they're reading the book, and kids just learn through rhyming, through reading, so I hope that's what we can offer the community,” Smith said.

According to the stores website, the store is run by high school sweethearts,  Rich and Teri Smith. They have been married for 42 years.  Together they run a group family day daycare where reading is a priority.

They bring the story to life with puppets and props, making story time fun and exciting.

Both born and raised in Rome, Circle Time Books and More was a dream turned reality. Stop in and browse the collection of books, toys and gifts. The City of Rome loves to read, this is the second bookstore to open in Rome this year.

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