Maybe you're looking for a good book to read and explore while relaxing this summer. Did you know that there are plenty of books set in Upstate New York? You can check these 21 books.

GoodReads put together a list of 109 books that are set in Upstate New York. Honestly, I was shocked to know we had even 20, not over 100 based on our part of New York.

Many famous writers have connections to Upstate New York. According to New York Upstate, some of those include: William Kennedy, Richard Russo, Abbie Hoffman, Washington Irving, Thomas Paine, Pearl S. Buck, Frederick Douglass, John Burroughs, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Kurt Vonnegut, Ezra Pound, E.B. White, David Foster Wallace and Solomon Northup.

Many authors from all corners of the world wrote some of their best works at desks here in Upstate New York. From the colonial tails of James Fenimore Cooper to the fantasy world of L. Frank Baum, all genres have been written here."

With all of these authors, have many set their works of art in Upstate? Some have, while many who were just passing through used the location of New York as a main part of their story.

We wanted to highlight the 21 with the best ratings. Why? At least these books were read and reviewed by many to get a positive rating. You can read their full list here from GoodReads. You can find all of these books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, eBay, or else wheres online, for sale. Here's our quick list with descriptions from various book websites:

21 Books That Are Set In Magical Upstate New York

GoodReads put together a list of 109 books that are set in Upstate New York. We wanted to highlight the 21 with the best ratings:

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