There's a time and a place for remembering 9/11. At the beginning of a porn tape probably isn't one of them.


This is probably one of the more bizarre factoids you'll hear today.

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For better or worse, we're all aware of who Paris Hilton is: the hotel heiress and socialite whom America couldn't escape in the 2000s. She had a popular reality show, starred in a few movies, released an album, went to jail.

(That's called "hitting for the cycle" in the entertainment business.)

And oh yeah, she also made a sex tape. The tape was never meant for public distribution, but as these things go, it most certainly was.


The intimate footage was shot in 2001 by Paris's then-boyfriend Rick Salomon. The video, released by Salomon shortly after the premiere of Hilton's TV series The Simple Life, caused a huge media frenzy at the time.

Red Light District Video
Red Light District Video

Now I won't lie to you, I've seen the tape, or clips of it anyway. (Night vision, anyone?) But I wasn't one of those creeps who felt the need to own it on DVD. If I did, I would've seen this very bizarre opening shot:


Pornhub / Red Light District Video
Pornhub / Red Light District Video

What's even stranger is that the DVD was released in 2005, four years after the terrorist attacks in New York City.

Who actually thought this was a good idea?! I guess the folks working for Red Light District Video were quite the porno patriots.


9/11 was a national tragedy with New Yorkers obviously feeling its impact more deeply. While it's universally agreed that we should never forget it, I'd argue that we could put the sentiment on ice while we're flogging the dolphin.

What the hell were they thinking?!

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