You've heard the news that New York kicked in another $128 million to help local governments repave roads, what's being done in the City of Utica?

In the City of Utica, the DPW is on the move to fix several of the pothole issues. WKTV reports that the city on average spends $60,000 to $80,000 each year on the material alone to fix potholes.

How can you report pothole issues?

The DPW is asking the community to use the 311 app to report any potholes so they can get them fixed immediately. What app is that?

Introducing the Utica 311 mobile app. You can download in iTunes or the Google Play Market. This app allows one to report, while at the scene, non-emergency problems with their smartphone.

You can take up to three pictures of the problem and choose from the following list of categories to describe your message. Your location will be sent along with your message. When the problem is corrected an email will be sent you."

Start reporting the issues, and let's get them all fixed.



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