Before you go and buy pitchforks to riot, just hear out the reason here. It seems very confusing that Utica is considered Central New York. Rome makes sense though.

As a person who has lived in New York their entire life, understanding the regions and their boundaries is purely subject to opinion. There are some people who will fight tooth and nail on the line that truly divides downstate and upstate. That one seems very simple. Think the Albany, Utica, Syracuse, and Buffalo line. Those cities all seem to fall right in the middle of the state. Especially Albany.

Truly though, hear this out. Utica is considered Central New York right? Okay, well it shouldn't be. Utica in fact should be a portion of its own region. It already in a way is. I have heard people use the term "Utica and The Valley". Of course, that is in regard to the Mohawk Valley. Syracuse seems to be the center point of the state at least on a map, so the distance of the boundaries from there is purely subjective. If you are curious, the actual central point of New York is Manlius.

Utica would fall right outside of what would be deemed Central New York in my opinion. Rome would end up as a part of it. Utica should just fall purely into the Mohawk Valley. From talking to people around the office, they believe the Mohawk Valley to be Central New York. That just doesn't seem to be quite right. Let the Mohawk Valley stand out on its own instead of being lumped into Central New York.

It's safe to assume you may disagree, but the term Central New York just seems to be too broad.

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