It's all the rage. Everywhere you look, you see colored balls. What color are your balls?

Once upon a time people only played with one colored ball. Now there are a rainbow of colors all over the place. Red balls. Green balls. Pink balls. Yellow balls. Orange balls. And don't even get me started on the blue balls. Some balls now even glow in the dark so you can play at night.

And it's not just women. Men are playing with colored balls now too.

It's not just colors either. Some people like to play with hard balls while others prefer their balls to be soft.

Some put their name or other symbol on their balls.

Sometimes the balls are hard to find or even get lost.

If you get in trouble, you may find mud on your balls. Since most people prefer playing with clean balls, they often get washed. If water can't be found, many lick their balls to keep them clean, but it's not recommended.

When no one is around, some even like to play with two balls.

Sharing balls is discouraged.

I'm anal about my balls. I only like one kind, one color and they have to be super-soft. Although, I do have extra to share in case someone doesn't have any balls to play with.

So, what color balls do you prefer to play with?

Credit - 19thgreens via Etsy
Credit - 19thgreens via Etsy

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