Next time you're in Sylvan Beach, keep a lookout for the new mural that went up on June 1, 2021.

The original mural was painted about 10 years ago by Angela Faidley, owner of "Out Of Our Minds Art Studio" in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. It was located in the back parking lot of Canal View Cafe. Faidley said the original painting (pictured below) was outdated compared to the new version.

Out Of Our Minds Art Studio

Unfortunately, the mural was ruined by a fire and a total loss in 2019.

Angela Faidley

Another mural was attempted but failed, and that brings us to today. The new version ditches the bathing cap and opts for an umbrella instead and added a sailboat, beach toys, and a local bottle of wine. The mural took about 2 weeks to create at Faidley's art studio.

Out Of Our Minds Art Studio

Faidley and her family have been visiting Sylvan Beach for over 50 years and consider it their summer home. About 20 years she purchased her own house on Main Street and continues to visit regularly.

Faidley had some worldwide recognition during the COVID- 19 pandemic. On March 15, 2020, she shut down the art studio as other businesses also closed. She had a full schedule of art birthday parties and classes. But, she knew she couldn't let the kids down, so she committed to 100 days of free How To Draw YouTube videos that went viral nationwide and were also popular in Paris, France. The videos got her noticed and featured in a highly respected art magazine for her efforts to continually share art during the pandemic.

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It's not really common to see northern lights in Central New York, but photographer Kurt Gardner captured the beautiful conformation of them near Old Forge. We're usually too far south of the North Pole, but sometimes we get lucky.
Auroras are caused by the Sun. The Sun is not only hot and bright, but it's also full of energy and small particles that fall toward Earth. NASA says the protective magnetic field around Earth shields us from most of the energy and particles, and we don't even notice them.
The amount of energy the Sun sends, depends on the streaming solar wind and solar storms. During one kind of solar storm called a coronal mass ejection, the Sun expels a huge bubble of electrified gas that can travel through space at high speeds.
When a solar storm comes toward us, some of the energy and small particles can travel down the magnetic field lines at the north and south poles into Earth's atmosphere. There, the particles interact with gases in our atmosphere resulting in beautiful displays of light in the sky. Oxygen gives off green and red light. Nitrogen glows blue and purple. [NASA]