Gotta fill the tank? Here's where to get the cheapest gas in Central New York.

AAA says that since Monday, the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline has increased by five cents to $2.36, which is eight cents more than a week ago, 20 cents more than a month ago, and 21 cents less than a year ago. Pump prices have increased while gas demand remains low at 7.53 million b/d, and total refinery utilization increased from 80.7 percent to 82 percent in the latest weekly report from the Energy Information Administration.

Gas prices are creeping up here too. The average in New York is $2.46/gallon. Today's average in Oneida County is $2.47 per gallon. Hey, it could be worse. Those in Michigan saw a price jump of 16 cents per gallon since Thursday!

If it feels like your gas tank is always empty, why not try GasBuddy? It gives you real-time gas prices and tells you where the lowest prices are. You can also download the AAA app to check prices in your area.

Top 10 Lowest Gas Prices Via GasBuddy on 1/15/21:

$2.24/gallon - Buell Fuels, 2090 NY 49, North Bay

$2.25/gallon - Kinney Drugs, 40 Oriskany BLVD, Whitesboro

$2.29/gallon - Sunoco, 6787 Martin Street, Rome

$2.29/gallon - Speedway, 5100 Commercial Drive, Yorkville

$2.29/gallon - BJ'S 400 River Road, Utica

$2.33/gallon - Maple Leaf Market, 6789 NY-13, Verona Beach

$2.34/gallon - Sunoco, 5557 NY-46, Durhamville

$2.34/gallon - Circle K, 1508 Main Street, Sylvan Beach

$2.34/gallon  - Y Hill Express, 2344 NY-49, Vienna

$2.37/gallon - Circle K, 8709 Turin Road, Rome

This helps put gas prices in perspective; we paid $4.23 per gallon in 2008 and $2.69 last year.

Utica-Rome Via AAA

Current Avg.$2.469$2.771$3.114$2.842
Yesterday Avg.$2.453$2.771$3.090$2.835
Week Ago Avg.$2.398$2.703$3.005$2.812
Month Ago Avg.$2.335$2.657$2.981$2.805
Year Ago Avg.$2.692$3.003$3.301$3.132


Regular Unleaded$4.2306/21/08

Now you can fill up your tank knowing you got the best price.

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