I'm all for innovative ways to eat, especially if they're easy and fun. I've realized in my several few years inside adult hood that not many people have heard of the term "walking" insert food name here.

The popular one I grew up with was a walking taco. It's an easier, less messy way to have taco night. You take a small bag of nacho cheese Doritos, and throw in all your taco toppings: lettuce, tomato, cheese, seasoned meat, and then sour cream (if you're feeling it.) Then, you mix it all together and boom, walking taco.

Really though. Super easy. If you have kids at home, 10/10 recommend. Walking tacos were something I had at sleepovers regularly growing up, and now that I've reached adulthood, I wish I could go back to that time and enjoy them all over again. In retrospect, I can, and maybe I will now that I'm reminiscing the way I am.

I saw another kind of "walking" food tonight and was blown away that I hadn't seen, nor tried it before, especially because it involves one of my favorite things. Banana pudding.

You grab some of the banana pudding cups, and slice up a banana. Then, you grab a small bag of the individually packaged Nilla wafers. There you have it. Walking banana pudding. Genius.

Have you tried any other "walking" foods? How did they taste and was it up to par? Please send me your suggestions inside our station app. I'd love to normalize "walking" foods so they can be enjoyed more often.

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