Are you still waiting for your tax return? I thought it was just me but I’ve heard a lot of people complaining that they have not received their income tax return for 2020, and I took the time to look into it.

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The Internal Revenue Service has been extremely busy for at least a year now, dealing with stimulus money as well as tax returns. Last year we all were informed that we needed to file our 2019 income tax returns to be eligible for the stimulus checks that the government issued.

According to News 10, The sheer volume of returns is a major reason for delays. Because of the stimulus checks that were issued, filing for the tax year 2020 was made a little more complicated. Stimulus money is not the only thing that may have affected filing 2020 taxes. Unemployment Insurance saw dramatic increase, and that means that more people had to claim those funds on their 2020 income tax returns.

The IRS asked filers to submit their tax returns early to avoid delays in refunds, but for many people that did not help. According to the IRS webpage, minor errors could cause delays. Many delays were caused by having incomplete forms, or forms with inaccurate information.

The IRS webpage says that calling will not help get refunds any sooner. They are asking everyone to be patient. If you do need to speak to someone on the phone, the best time to call would be at the end of the week, at the end of the business day.

Have you seen a delay in getting your refund from the IRS?

If you did, how did you resolve the issue?

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