Memorial Day weekend is just about here in Central New York. This year skip the stores that provide completely safe and properly handled meat, and shop CraigsList.

Utica CraigsList has several different meat options to consider. Honestly, they are safe. Want to know why? The only ones we are highlighting are local farmers. These farms take the time and effort to provide a safe product. So all joking aside, these may be some of the best deals.

1) Ten Hens Farm Chicken and Turkey

Ten Hens Farm is located in Floyd. They are currently offering "Pastured Non-GMO Meat Chicken and Turkey" on CraigsList:

If you're looking for a healthy, local option that you can feel confident feeding to your family we know you'll love our pastured poultry. You work hard to educate yourself to make the BEST decisions when it comes to spending your food dollars, balance a busy schedule, and make sure your family eats well. We'd love to give you more information about our farm. Just visit our website or send us a message."

You can find out more from their personal website.


2) Freedom Farm in Verona Scottish Highland Cattle and Meat For Sale

Freedom Farm in Verona is offering Pure Bred Scottish Highland Cattle for sale, and of course some delicious USDA Ground Beef:

Normally prices start around 800.00 , but for a limited time we are offering these beautiful animals at a lower price. . ..Yearlings start at 600.00...**BEST DEAL***Bred Cow/Calf pairing 1300.00(three for price of one!!)Bred two-three year olds... Beautiful, quiet animals at a great price. . .Retire your brush hog and pick up a few Highlands!!! Animals with paperwork(registered) are more expensive.Most of our herd is grade/unregistered-registered herd sires are here to view... In addition we offer the leanest USDA and Custom Pack grass/browse fed beef available. USDA beef available for pick up at the farm(limited cuts)."

You can find out more on CraigsList.




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