Great news! Freddy has a family! His foster family adopted him.

8 weeks ago Freddy was found hurt, emaciated, and tied to a pole in a Utica park, thankfully a good samaritan brought him to SSHS.

"A person brought this sweet dog to our shelter after finding him tied to a pole at the park on Stark Street in Utica. He is extremely emaciated and has some type of injury or burn to his muzzle. He was examined and treated by a veterinarian and is currently offsite receiving care. We named him Freddy and are happy to say he is in good spirits and hopeful he will make a full recovery." [Stevens-Swan Humane Society]

Hillary Snogles-Dunn and husband Rob, Freddy's foster parents fell in love with him and are giving him his forever home. We know his life started horribly but that's not how it will end.

Hillary and Rob, you're our heroes! Thank you so much for what you do!

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