There is another major recall coming from the Ford Motor Company. Now it's for over two hundred fifty thousand cars that have a gearshift problem.

 According to News Channel 13, this recall is in addition to another recall Ford had last year for the same reason. They are now adding 2013 to 2016 Ford Fusion midsize cars to the already five hundred fifty thousand from last year that were recalled.

The massive recall has to do with a faulty gearshift that could cause the vehicles to roll away even when in park. Ford is urging drivers of these Fusions to always engage the parking brake whenever the car is in park. The mechanism that attaches the gearshift cable to the transmission cable can break apart causing the cable to detach. If this happens, the car could appear to be in park but is actually in another gear.

Ford engineers are working on a fix for the problem. So far there has been one injury report and three property damage reports filed.

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