If you love watching Shark Week, why not make some money doing it? There is a company that will pay one lucky fan to watch every bloody second of it. Here are the details. According to WKBW.com, there is a contest that will give one lucky viewer of Shark Week a cool one thousand dollars and some snacks to get them through it.

Shark Week on the Discovery channel has become a must-watch event. Now a company called USDirect.com wants to hook you up for watching all week long with cash, snacks, and some cool swag.

The one lucky candidate must be able to tweet and share their favorite Shark Week fact each day under the hashtag Shark Week Dream Jawb. The winner will also need to rank each episode from least to best under these categories. Most entertaining, most informative, scariest, and most surprising.

In order to qualify you have to love sharks in order to celebrate all week, you must be over eighteen and a U.S. resident, and you must be willing to document your Shark Week marathon on all of your social media platforms.

If you are selected, your "jawb" will start on August 9th. If you watch every bit of Shark Week 2020 the one thousand dollars is yours. Get all of the details and apply HERE. The deadline to get your application in is July 27th by 5 pm.

Get paid to watch one of your favorite weeks on the Discovery channel? Hey, it's better than listening to Baby Shark on repeat.

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