The Steet Ponte Auto Group has acquired Carbone/Lithia Nissan.

The dealership, now doing business as Steet Ponte Nissan, is located on Commercial Drive in Yorkville.

Steet Ponte is a family and locally owned and operated group.

Now in their third generation of owners and operators, the acquisition is an exciting time for everyone involved, including Joe Steet Jr. who facilitated most of the deal alongside his father, Joe Steet Sr. as well as Steve Ponte Sr. and son, Steve Ponte Jr.

With the acquisition of the Nissan Brand, the auto group now has a total of eight locations across Central New York.

  • Steet Toyota of Yorkville: 4991 Commercial Drive, Yorkville, NY
  • United Auto Sales of Utica: 4994 Commercial Drive, Yorkville, NY
  • Steet Ponte Volkswagen: 5046 Commercial Drive, Yorkville, NY
  • Steet Ponte Ford Lincoln: 5074 Commercial Drive, Yorkville, NY
  • Steet Ponte Mazda: 5065 Commercial Drive, Yorkville, NY
  • Steet Ponte Chevrolet: 3036 State Route 28, Herkimer, NY
  • Steet Toyota of Johnstown: 310 N. Comrie Ave, Johnstown, NY

“We are very excited to add Nissan to our lineup of dealerships. It’s a strong brand with a great following, and we are thrilled to bring our level of customer service and family friendly atmosphere to this new store,” said Joe Steet Jr.

Location and phone number remain the same. Social media is now listed under Steet Ponte Nissan as is the website. Steet Ponte Nissan is located at 4967 Commercial Drive, Yorkville, NY, and can be reached at (315) 864-7500.

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