You can bet to see a lot of Bills fans in Pittsburgh this weekend for Sunday Night Football.

According to WGRZ, there's a movement on social media for Bills fans to bring red towels into the game on Sunday. The reason is for Bills fans to be represented in the stadium, since Steelers' fans trademark is the yellow terrible towel.

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Also, if you are going to Sunday's game in Pittsburgh, there's a few other things Bills fans should know before heading to Pittsburgh, according to WKBW.

  • Parking can be expensive and navigating through the city can be confusing. You can view a map of the streets and parking lots near Heinz Field here.
  • Plenty of good restaurants in Pittsburgh in the North Shore and South Side areas. They can can a bit rowdy however, so be prepared to take some heat if you're wearing your Bills colors proudly!
  • Steelers fans are much like Bills fans, proud of their team. Be ready to hear a lot of "we've won six championships" talk...yeah, yeah.
  • One last thing is knowing exactly where to go for the Bills backers bar. It's called Mario's East Side Saloon and these are the details. There will be a pre-party on Saturday night.

I can't wait for Sunday Night Football. Go Bills!


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