New York State has been making a push to lower emissions all across the state but what about people who enjoy spending time outdoors in the winter months?


Currently, New York State offers rebates for electric motor vehicles as part of its "Drive Clean" rebate program. New York State residents can get up to $2000 back if they just buy an electric vehicle. They also up to $7500 in tax rebates as well.

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So what if a similar program works for snowmobiles? Currently, there is no program on the book in New York but there is one very close by.

In Canada, their government launched a new program that offers cash back for people who are buying zero-emissions snowmobiles.

For Canadian residents, there are a couple of guidelines that need to be followed in order to qualify for the $2500 rebate.

  • Yukon residents are eligible for 2 rebates during the lifetime of the program.
  • Organizations and businesses registered in Yukon are eligible for up to 10 rebates per calendar year. This includes First Nations governments and municipal governments.

There are several ways that Canadian residents can claim the rebate when they get their new zero-emission snowmobile.

You can apply for the rebate as soon as you buy the snowmobile through the dealer, you can apply for the rebate right through the government, or you can apply for the rebate online HERE.

It could take up to 12 weeks for the rebate to be mailed out to residents.

Hopefully, the program will work in Canada and we can bring it here to New York so all the snowmobilers in the state and get the rebate too.


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