There’s been so much talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes we forget about good Ol’ normal flu bugs.

Since flu season is on the horizon, a new study discovered the order that Coronavirus symptoms usually happen, then compared them to normal flu symptoms.

That doesn't mean they ALWAYS happen in the same order, the Centers for Disease Control stresses. But researchers looked at more than 50,000 coronavirus cases, and figured out when symptoms are most likely to show up.

Here are five early COVID symptoms, and the order in which they usually occur:

1. Fever. The first symptom people usually notice. This is why thermometers are the first line of defense for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other heavily trafficked public places.

2. Cough. The order of those first two is important, because it's the opposite of the flu. With the flu, you're more likely to have a cough first and then a fever.

3. Muscle pain.

4. Nausea and/or vomiting.

5. Diarrhea.

Flu season normally begins to occur in October, according to the CDC, peaks during the fall and winter months, usually subsiding in May.

So, pay close attention to the order of any symptoms you may have. And always keep a thermometer handy. Any temperature above 100 could indicate the possibility of the coronavirus in an individual.

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