News 10 reports that rides will be subsidized for employees and members, and free or discounted for those in need.

“Making sure people can get to vaccination sites when they need to is mission critical to beating this virus,” said John Zimmer, Lyft co-founder and president. “This is an opportunity to use our collective strength to mobilize on a massive scale and serve our communities. We cannot let lack of transportation be a factor in determining whether people have access to healthcare.”

The vaccine campaign is part of Lyft’s “LyftUp” initiative to make sure everyone has access to transportation. For uninsured individuals, and those whose transportation is not covered by government plans, Lyft's corporate partners will fund rides.

USA Today reports that Uber announced it will offer 10 million free or discounted rides to people looking to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, including the return trip required for the second and final dose of the vaccine. Both companies are playing an active role to make sure people get their shots.

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Donate Rides Through The United Way

Ride United helps provide transportation for individuals and families in communities across the country. With COVID-19 presenting issues to food access, especially for older adults and individuals with higher vulnerability, Ride United now offers deliveries of food and household goods. You can donate online here.

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