We are all watching a lot more television during the pandemic. No matter what streaming service you are using, you are paying for it in some way. There is a warning of one service that is being rerouted to scammers in an effort to take your money. It doesn't matter which streaming service you are using, chances are you aren't having trouble getting your shows. Some Roku customers have been scammed out of hundreds of dollars because of a third party that bypassed Roku customer service.

According to News 10 ABC, there is a scam going around targeting Roku users. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is sending out a warning. There is a company called CaliGeeks that is misleading Roku customers into thinking they need to pay hefty fees to reactivate their Roku accounts. CaliGeeks have complaints filed against them in twenty-five states. They have forty-five in the last year alone.

What happens is that Roku customers who are attempting to activate their accounts, whether it be streaming devices or enabled smart televisions, get an error message and are prompted to call CaliGeeks. Those representatives pose as agents of Roku. Complaints say that they were charged with an activation fee from seventy-nine ninety-nine to two-hundred forty-nine dollars.

Roku states that there is never any activation fee to start their service. They encourage everyone to check bank statements and remove any software from third parties. Make sure that you are calling Roku directly not a third party to activate your Roku device.

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