A New York animal shelter's favorite Golden Girl is back and she's looking for a new home. Betty White, a dog that spent over a year at the Saratoga County Animal Shelter before being adopted has returned.

Betty spent 382 days at the shelter before finding a home. Her owner said she became his best friend and turned into a local celebrity. "She gets recognized when out in public. How awesome is that?."


Two years later, Betty is back at the animal shelter. It's not because she's not an awesome dog. It's because her owner has gotten sick and can't care for her anymore. So she's looking for a new place to call home. "Last time it took her 382 days to find that pawfect family. We're hoping it doesn't take anywhere near that long this time," the Animal Shelter said.

The 10-year-old pooch is sweet, sassy, loveable, charismatic, goofy, and pretty much everything in between. Betty must be the only animal in the house but she's great with older kids and loves all adults she meets. Betty likes to ride in cars and play with durable toys. She knows basic commands and is easy to take for walks.

At 10 yrs young, Betty is just looking for that couch to snuggle up on and a person to play with. She would love to live out her golden years in a real home.

If you would like to adopt Betty, you can call the Saratoga County Animal Shelter at 518-885-4113 to schedule an appointment.

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