Well this is a story I never expected to write about, and I'll refrain from using any Amish-type puns or jokes. But then again, it's the internet and when it comes to the Amish, this is pretty much a safe space.  Two Amish Mennonites were pulled over by deputies and their 'pimped out' buggy was not only equipped with what appeared to be a boomin' sound system, but police also found a 12-pack on the roof.

According to WTEN, deputies from North Bloomfield, Ohio pulled over the buggy and the two men inside - who were seen drinking - fled into the woods late Sunday evening.

According to the report, the buggy actually continued down the road after the Amish men took off.  Once deputies secured the buggy, they found open bottles of beer and a rather impressive sound-system.

The buggy has been secured and the horse is being tended to until the owner is found.


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