Get ready to "die" laughing!

On Friday, October 27th, Woodland Farm Brewery is brewing up a unique Halloween open mic where individuals can dress and perform as their favorite dead comedians.


In the world of standup comedy, it's usually a cardinal sin to perform material that isn't your own -- however, that will not be the case this night.

The concept is simple: attendees are encouraged to step into the shoes of their favorite comedians, both past and present (being "dead" is not a hard rule here) and deliver their iconic jokes, routines, and one-liners.


Do you find yourself laughing hysterically at a specific George Carlin routine? Fan of Mitch Hedberg's irreverent one-liners and deadpan delivery? Let 'em loose!

Maybe you've thought about one day doing your own material, but aren't quite prepared to take that leap. This event offers an ideal opportunity to dip your toes into the experience without the pressure of showcasing your own original content. Just have your favorite comedian's bits roughly memorized.

This event will be hosted by comedian and radio personality Will Phillips... (hey, that's me!)


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Woodland Farm Brewery has become well-known for great food, cold beers and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal venue for this night of comedy and camaraderie. Craft beer enthusiasts can also savor a variety of local brews while enjoying the comedic performances.

Sign-ups are at 6:30pm with showtime at 7:00pm. For more info, follow Woodland Farm Brewery's event page. 

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