I love Fantasy Football as much as the next guy or girl, but it's highly unlikely I'm ever going use my 'draft' as an excuse to miss work. I mean, I may miss work because of the draft (which I've never done, btw) but my boss would never know that!  This actually happened to a colleague of mine.  He's got the sack the size of three Gronk's to pull this off.  Here's a portion of the email sent to his supervisor claiming that he needed to miss a live shift because of Fantasy Football.

A supervisor asks a colleague whom we will call  'MJ' why he pre-taped his weekly radio show versus doing it live.  An honest, fair question considering the Travers was this past weekend and there was tons of local and national content to cover.  MJ responds, "Ordinarily I would be in this Sunday but my fantasy draft is all day and we do it live".  When the boss fires back with "Fantasy Draft over doing your live radio show?".   MJ doesn't miss a beat (knowing full well that the deeper this goes, the worse it's going to look) and sends this reply back to the boss,  "Unfortunately I don’t determine the date..."

Fantasy Football Time Off

I won't share with you what the rest of the email exchange looked like, but let's just say it ended with MJ agreeing that it would never happen again.

My thoughts on this are two-fold.  MJ has some mighty big kahunas but he's no Jeremy Holzhauer when it comes to thinking on his feet.  Most fantasy drafts are held online but "MJ Cajone" claims he enjoys getting together with the boys as they make this gathering a yearly tradition.  Fine, I guess, if you're willing to lose your job over it which thankfully he did not.


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