The first big snowstorm of the season will bring five to twelve inches of snow through Tuesday night in portions of CNY, and we're ready.

As we prepare for severe driving conditions and heavy snow, Jim Piccola, Public Information Officer for the Department of Transportation in Region 2 says, "we will receive 16 pieces of additional equipment from around the state to support our snow and ice removal."

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A Press Release from Governor Cuomo states a total of 16 large dump trucks, eight plow operators, two mechanics and one mechanic service truck are being deployed.

Capital District:
Receiving 2 mechanics and 1 service truck from Long Island

Mohawk Valley:
Receiving 6 large dump trucks from Central NY
Receiving 4 large dump trucks from Mid-Hudson Valley
Receiving 6 large dump trucks from Southern Tier

There is also more snow and ice equipment ready to deploy if needed. Fleet mechanics in affected areas will be staffing all main Residency locations 24/7 to perform repairs and keep trucks on the road. Statewide equipment numbers are as follows:

    • 1581 large plow trucks
    • 182 medium-duty plows
    • 51 tow plows
    • 327 large loaders
    • 39 snowblowers

If you must travel during a winter storm, remember snow plows can weigh up to 30 tons when fully loaded with salt, so stopping in hazardous conditions can be difficult. Snow Plow Drivers are highly trained professionals operating airbrake equipment designed to stop efficiently. Generally, plows travel at a speed of 30 to 35 MPH when in operation.

If you find yourself driving behind a plow while it's clearing and salting the roads, remember, if you can't see their side mirrors, then they can't see you. For those who try to pass snow plows, YOU need to remember, the road conditions in front of the plow are not going to be as good as behind it. Just take your time and don't be in a hurry during weather events like this.

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