It's rain, it's snow, it's Aurora Borealis. You could very well see it tonight in Central New York.

While a winter storm brews and gets ready to pound Central New York, we have a decent possibility of looking up tonight and seeing a spectacle that is beautiful to see, the Northern Lights. If you've never seen one, take a look up tonight, maybe it is the night.

If you're unfamiliar with what makes Aurora Borealis possible, it basically is a geomagnetic storm. The Northern Lights become visible due to a change in the electromagnetic field that surrounds the planet earth. While it can be confusing if you don't know why the sky looks that way, it is incredibly beautiful.

So, What Is The Likelihood Of Seeing It Tonight?

Photo by Matt Houghton on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Houghton on Unsplash

According to USA Today, to be honest, they aren't quite sure. What they are saying is the signs are there that it could very well be possible for areas like New York, Minnesota, and Canada. What makes it a touch tricky is, well, the winter storm that also is in store for Central New York. That storm bringing cloud cover could make seeing the Northern Lights, if prominent, a royal pain.

So, take a look up tonight. You very well could see something quite special and unique. At the moment, there is no prediction for the best time to take a look, but if we do find that out, we will be sure to update this post.

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