A locally-owned Central New York coffee shop has hit the big time, earning a spot on a national "Best Gift" Valentine's list.

Buzzfeed is known nationally - and internationally - for their ability to spot trends before they happen (and to predict what sneakers you should buy based on your favorite candy).

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Buzzfeed has published the "44 Valentine's Gifts That Will Put Their Ex to Shame" and among all the great items to consider is a familiar name: Utica Coffee Roasting.

Credit: Screen Grab?Buzzfeed.com
Credit: Screen Grab/Buzzfeed.com

That's right: coming in at #14, "A bag of coffee that will wake them the hell up so they'll actually listen to your interesting anecdotes on the commute into work." Buzzfeed even includes a review from one of the UCR's many fans:

"Love it! I drink strong coffee because I like the flavor and the energy. Starbucks, Peet’s, and other popular roasters are good but not quite strong enough for my taste. When Amazon suggested I try Wake The Hell Up, I woke the hell up and tried it. It’s great because I experience the mental clarity, focus and energy to keep up with a fast paced life without the jitters."

Of course, we here in the Mohawk Valley already how amazing Utica Coffee is. Personally, I can't get enough of the Adirondack Blend - but every single flavor is just incredible - and all locally roasted.

Congratulations to Frank Elias and Heather Delia, and everyone at Utica Coffee Roasting. You're #14 on the list, but #1 to all of us.

You can grab a bag of their coffee at the shops in Utica and Clinton, grocery stores, Amazon, or online at wakethehellup.com/


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