Clinton is getting ready to welcome a really unique restaurant, specializing in exactly two foods - fortunately, both are delicious - and the combinations are endless.

Central New York - and the Utica area in particular - is well known for a wide range of culinary choices. Ethnic foods, farm-to-table, and now, butter and grilled cheese.

The Compound, set to open November 1st at 11 Park Row in Clinton, specializes in compound butters and grilled cheese. If you don't know, a compound butter is softened butter, whipped together with sweet or savory ingredients in infinite combinations.

I'll level with you. When I first heard there was a restaurant that was about butter and grilled cheese - I thought it sounded insane. And then I got to take a look at their offerings and talk to Anna Sofer, who owns The Compound with her husband Sharrone. Now I get it - and I can't wait for them to open.


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"We recently moved back to the area from Austin Texas where we used to do the butter at farmers markets- always wanted to do a brick and mortar and what better place than our home town. Bringing some of that Austin weirdness to Central New York," Ana explains.

Ana and Sharrone make all of their butter from scratch - and then work their magic. Some of their butter flavors include Chicken and Waffle, Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chip, Bloody Mary butter flavored with tomato, bacon, black pepper and a little spice, Rice Krispie Treat, and of course, Pumpkin Spice. There's always something new.

Credit: The Compound/Instagram
Credit: The Compound/Instagram

So why grilled cheese? "We actually do a butter flight! (So you can try various flavors.) But all of our grilled cheese sandwiches, what makes us unique, is that you will be able to pick your flavor of butter that we will use to make your grilled cheese," Ana tells us.

This isn't the grilled cheese your mom used to make when you got home from school. The unique butters elevate the taste of the classic sandwich, along with unique ingredients.

To me, toast is the ultimate comfort food - and I can't imagine anything more delicious than a flight of warm toast with butter melting along the the edges on a chilly Central New York Day.

Ana says they're currently building out the shop's interior, but you can get their butters inside Lucianna’s Boutique on Park Row in Clinton, and they will be providing a custom butter for Tailor and The Cook in Utica as well. They've even developed a butter in combination with Utica Coffee Roasters.

You can find The Compound on Facebook, Instagram, and online at


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