The Oneida City Police are requesting the assistance of the public with identifying this male suspect.
Oneida City Police reports:

"On Monday, September 14th, at about 2:49 pm, the pictured individual took a DeWalt toolset, valued at $499, from the Lowes store on Upper Lenox Ave in Oneida. The male suspect ran to a white colored Honda CRV type vehicle, entered the passenger side, and the vehicle left the scene. If you have any information about this male suspect or the vehicle that he fled the scene in, please contact Officer C. Gregory at (315)363-2323, or email him at The case reference number is 20-005751‬."

Oneida City Police Department, NY
Oneida City Police Department, NY

With a picture this good, we can't imagine it will take long to find the criminal. Comments on the Oneida City Police Facebook page has plenty of tips on his identity.

The COVID-19 pandemic makes it harder for law enforcement to identify or even apprehend criminals due to the face mask regulations. The type of mask can also cause concern as some people opt to wear a full face covering with prints, skulls, and clown faces instead of the typical medical face mask.

An interesting article from Police 1 looks int the other side of the issue like inaccurate profiling or being unfairly associated with criminal gangs or other criminal activity. The challenge for law enforcement is determining who is wearing a mask for legitimate purposes, and who is attempting to conceal their identity to avoid criminal liability.

The 'new normal' has us wearing a face-covering in banks, 24-hour convenience stores, and gas stations. In the past, that would spark panic and fear of a robbery, but not anymore.

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