On Wednesday, officials at New York's LaGuardia Airport made a particularly explosive discovery inside a baby's diaper... oh, it was "loaded" alright, just not in the way you might think.

During a routine x-ray bag scan carried out by members of the Transportation Security Administration, it was discovered that seventeen bullets were tucked away inside an (otherwise clean) disposable diaper.

TSA via AP
TSA via AP

The owner of the bag where the diaper was discovered -- who was scheduled to depart on a flight to Chicago's Midway Airport -- initially played the classic "I have no idea how that got there" card. Later, he threw his girlfriend under the bus, claiming she was responsible for the packing mishap.

Port Authority police charged the man with illegal possession of 9mm ammunition.



The "loaded" diaper is just the latest occurrence of bullets and/or firearms being discovered in a carry-on bag, incidents which the TSA says there's been an uptick in. Just last month, someone tried to sneak a .45-caliber pistol with magazine inside a pair of Nike sneakers.

And back in April, another passenger claimed he "accidentally" brought a loaded .22-caliber pistol and over 100 bullets from a shooting range to the airport.


If gun owners aren't smart enough to remember where they put their gun, makes you wonder if they're smart enough to own one in the first place, no?

And yes, I understand it's 2023, a time when common sense is in shorter supply than ever before. But here's a piece of friendly advice: before taking to the skies, remember to leave your gun at home, Rambo.

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