The community in Boonville is turning to HGTV for a Main Street Makeover.

A massive fire on January 7th, in the heart for Boonville, turned 5 beautiful buildings on Main Street into a pile of rubble. Residents were evacuated. Homes and businesses were lost. But hope was not.

Photo Credit - Nicole Pitt
Photo Credit - Nicole Pitt

Ben and Erin Napier of the hit series Home Town are hitting the road for their upcoming series Home Town Takeover to help communities revitalize the place they call home. Boonville is hoping to be one of those towns. "We are Main Street USA and I am excited about the possibilities this show could provide," said Nicole Pitt who created a video to show the heart of her hometown and the devastation left behind. "I am hoping the video will capture the hearts of the producers at HGTV so they have no other choice than to select our village."

Businesses that have lined Main Street for generations are no more. "It's not just a fire. It's a part of history, gone." Dean Yauger, Assistant Fire Chief.

The community has come together to rise from the ashes, collecting clothes, furniture and donations through a Go Fund Me. "The parade route may look a bit different this year, but one thing will remain the same; the giving spirit of our people," said Pitt. "Just the thought of being selected is bringing a lot of hope to our community."

Assistant Fire Chief Yauger hopes their prayers will be answer. "I don't know what kind of miracle it's going to take to get Main Street back, but I know there's a lot of people waiting in line to make it happen."

If we all share on social media with #ChooseBoonville, how can HGTV watch the video and NOT decide to make over Main Street.

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