Graduates from Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica got a celebrity-studded virtual send off from Bob Saget and others.

Lisa Jordan, one of 719 students graduating from the college, expected to graduate in person. Instead the college was forced to offer a virtual alternative, where "each student will be announced by name before receiving their recognition in an individual clip that can be shared on social media and kept forever."

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“We know this is disappointing, and we made every effort to find the best way possible to recognize our graduates in an experience that is meaningful, memorable, and sharable,” College President Randall VanWagoner said in a statement.

Lisa got a wish from not just college officials, but from Bob Saget.

Saget tells graduates "Go Hawks" and says, whiles he's played in Utica, he's never been to MVCC's campus, and hopes to get here "when all this is over."

Lisa says students were also sent well-wishes from actor/singer Drake Bell and Lisa Leslie, former professional basketball player, and now broadcaster and head coach.

The entire graduation ceremony can be viewed online until June 2021. 

Bob Saget is an actor, television host, and stand-up comedian. He's best known for his work on 'America's Funniest Home Videos', 'Full House', and its sequel 'Fuller House'.


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