Wouldn't it be something to win tickets to the Bills Wild Card playoff game in Houston this Saturday!? That's exactly what one Bills fan is doing.

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According to WGRZ, LeShawn Jerman, a Bills fan living in North Carolina, who gave away season tickets to start the season, will give away three pairs of playoff tickets on Twitter later today (Thursday).

Jerman made a promise that when the Bills made the playoffs next time (after 2017), he would buy a bunch of tickets and give some away to some die-hard fans...he is a man of his word!

"I said the next time the bills go the playoffs, I’m gonna just buy a bunch of tickets and I don’t care where the game is," Jerman said.

To win the tickets, all you have to do is retweet this tweet and three winners will randomly be picked at 4 p.m. EST on Thursday! Each winner gets two tickets.

What are you waiting for!? Go Bills!

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