The Buffalo Bills moved on to the next round of the NFL playoffs and if you want to watch the you can expect to pay.

Tickets for the Bills/Bengals game are already on sale and most of the tickets on the secondary market have a high markup over face value.

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I went to this morning to see how much tickets were going for.

Here is what I found based on buying two tickets:

300 Level tickets are going for around $240. I saw a pair of tickets for sale in section 338, which is in the upper deck on the visitor sideline for $232 each. That was the only pair of tickets I saw that were under $240.

On the flip side, the most expensive ticket I found was going for over $900 each.  There was a pair of tickets in section 134 that was listed for $979 each.

Of course, you can also check different ticket sites to see if you can get a better deal or wait closer to the game.

Last week's ticket prices for the Dolphin's game started out high and started dropping every day it got closer to the game. Of course, the chance you take waiting closer to the game is that prices might go up and it will cost you more.

The Bills/Bengals game is set for Sunday at 3 pm at Highmark Stadium. The Bills and Bengals have played each other 32 times, not including this season's Monday Night Game that canceled. Overall the Bills hold a 17-15 edge over the Bengals.

The Bills have lost both playoff games they played against the Bengals including the 1989 AFC Championship game.

Bills Dolphins Playoff Game

The Bills beat the Dolphins to move on in the NFL Playoffs

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