Well, this might be the most bizarre tale from Upstate New York you'll hear today... a person on Reddit is swearing the trees on their Adirondack property "move in the night."

Yeah, you heard that right. Walking trees.

According to their claim, the person inherited a house in the mountains, and life was all rainbows and butterflies until they got an eerie feeling that something wasn't quite right. Apparently the view to their yard changes daily... because the trees move.

They’re each in completely different spots every morning, with the ground seemingly not phased. I swear to God.


The poster said they decided to take a picture every morning, but it was only after this initiative that the trees decided to behave themselves. Convenient, right? The camera-shy timber has sadly left our poster without any real proof.

It’s just strange. It’s the strangest damn thing I’ve ever experienced. I live alone and I haven’t told anyone in my life out of fear of what they might think or say.

Well... Reddit had plenty to say:

Which is more likely:

1. that your trees are uprooting themselves and moving around at night

2. that you mis-remembered where the trees were


I have experienced something similar... on mushrooms

But the most prevailing thought that garnered the most upvotes was:

Check your carbon monoxide detector.


The poster swears this isn't a story they're making up, and has since made a separate post doubling down on their claims, lamenting that "it seems like many of you thought I wasn’t even being serious."

Without question, the woods can be a mysterious place, but this claim seems a little bonkers.

What do you think, nature enthusiasts -- have you ever encountered these elusive "walking trees" in the Adirondacks?

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