When it comes to haunted hotels, you just can't one-up Upstate New York. Is this one nestled in the Adirondacks more haunted than the rest?

That definitely could be said considering the storied and experiences shared by many who have entered the lavish building. Those same people may have had zero clue of the spirits that roam the grounds. Then again, the hotel doesn't exactly try to hide it. That may in fact be the coolest part of the story.

The Sagamore located in Bolton Landing, New York actually embraces the fact that they have spirits in the building, they're not talking about whiskey or vodka. Being ranked one of the top ten haunted hotels in the United States, Instead, they're talking about children eerily giggling down a hallway. TODAY ranked them there for things just like that. But it isn't just the giggles of children you'll potentially hear.

How about this for a creepy one. A woman in white enters rooms at night to frighten guests, she hovers over them while asleep and blows cold air onto their eyelids according to LakeGeorge.com. Still skeptical? That same website said at one point a blonde woman came up to a chef and then proceeded to walk straight through the man.

The stories go on and on. There is actually a New York Haunted History trail, The Sagamore holds a spot. They have 9 stories of ghosts that not just have been seen, but are commonly seen. Asking the question why are there so many ghosts? Think about it. The Sagamore sits on Lake George, that area is a major tourist destination for many New Yorkers who are looking to vacation. The Sagamore has also been open for nearly 140 years. These ghosts may have a soft spot for the very beautiful hotel, so much so that they return after death.

Throw in the fact that Upstate New York had some really vital battles happen in the Revolutionary War and it seems like a recipe for spirit heaven.

Looking to maybe encounter something from a place beyond? The Sagamore has rooms, around $229 a night to stay there if you'd like. They also do tours focusing on the haunted stories if the thought of spending a night gives you the chills.

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